HR Services

Process Consulting services

The Process Consulting service of People Pro is an extension of our business consulting that team with customers to provide significant benefits by leveraging our in-depth expertise in process, people and technology.

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People Pro’s well renowned and market respected thought leadership is shared with clients through various consulting offerings. Our consulting practice primarily focuses on process modifications and assists HR heads with development of business cases to better manage their HR workforce.

We help determine new processes based on our situational understanding of client business requirements. Our work across various industry verticals and several companies allows us to benchmark current processes, share best practices, design and help implement new processes. This helps HR heads to realize quick ROI while also improving quality and efficiency of their HR processes.

Process consulting is a powerful tool which helps to increase synergy in teams. Some of the areas of team functioning that can be impacted are:

  • Duration and effectiveness of meetings
  • Better problem identification
  • Innovative solutions
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Effective team communication
  • Constructive conflict resolution
  • Increase efficiency of front and back office processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Raise customer satisfaction and loyalty

Payroll & Compliance Services

People Pro Payroll, Benefits and Compliance Management Vertical offers Superior control through our best in class technology along with the convenience and peace of mind for tax filing and other PAN India Statutory Compliance services.

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Depending on client organization’s size, industry and budget, People Pro can provide a solution which best suites client’s need and meets the client’s expectations. Value added services like Employee Self Service (ESS) module and voice/email/online helpdesk can also be provided. Our leadership in the field of HR analytics allows us to offer superior Payroll analytics and other operational reports which aid clients in tighter control and more accurate decision making. The whole gamut of Payroll management services include –

Payroll Processing

People Pro team of payroll experts and best in class technology allows us to do accurate monthly payroll processing of varied complexity for our clients across industry verticals.

Reimbursement Processing

People Pro Payroll Vertical takes care of the complete gamut of reimbursements, whether CTC related reimbursements or Business related reimbursement for our clients.

Statutory Compliances

People Pro assists companies with various statutory regulatory compliances. People Pro can handle central, state and local body regulations PAN India through its strong country-wide network of associates. The various compliances that we manage are:

  • Employees Provident Fund (PF) & Miscellaneous Provisions Act
  • Gratuity Act
  • Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act
  • Tax Deduction at Source (TDS)
  • Professional Tax
  • Shops & Establishment Act
  • Labor Welfare Fund (LWF) Act
  • Trade License Registration
  • 24X7 work approval
  • Contract Labour Regulation Act
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Payment of Wages Act
  • Maternity Benefits Act
  • Employment Exchange (Notification of Vacancies) Act
  • Similar other Regulations as applicable for the establishment

Employee Self Service

The various features that Employee Self Service (ESS) supports are:

  • Payslip interface
  • Reimbursements Processing
  • Income Tax Declaration
  • Flexible Benefit Plan (FBP) Administration

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive Payroll reports and Payroll Analytics aid clients in making more accurate business decisions

Payroll Helpdesk

Payroll helpdesk provide employees with quick resolutions as per defined SLAs using an email/internet based or a voice based helpdesk

Enhanced data security

People Pro’s state of the art IT and security infrastructure ensures that your data is backed up on a regular basis and is secure.

Performance Management Solutions

Managing employee or system performance facilitates the effective delivery of strategic and operational goals. There is a clear and immediate correlation between using performance management programs or software and improved business and organizational results.

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It goes without saying that companies are predominantly performance based. It is a general human psyche to enhance performance by offering strings of performance incentives or sops. Business Process Management plays a key role as it is a convergence of Workflow, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and unstructured or ad-hoc processes.

  • Organization Audit and Design
  • Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations
  • Performance Linked Award Plan
  • Business Process Management
  • Manpower Rationalization
  • Productivity Management
  • Integrated Quality Management

Manpower Rationalisation Services

In the fast changing global corporate scenario the rationalization of organizational structure is now reigning supreme. And outsourcing has emerged to be a leading trend to facilitate this. Outsourcing reduces business operating costs.

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“For Microsoft, outsourcing has been a way to temper the expansion of our work force & reduce management overhead. I hope this keeps us from growing big in the wrong areas and becoming ineffective through too much overhead.” – Bill Gates on outsourcing (Source: Business @ the speed of light) Worldwide outsourcing services are set to exceed the $100 billion market: in 1998, spending topped $99 billion. Spending is expected to reach $151 billions by 2003. Corporate giants in the United States, Europe, and Japan prefer India for cost-effective and high-quality software solutions. We vouch for India and have established ourselves as big Indian player in all domains. We leverage the importance of India and offer the same to others, especially when it comes to Manpower Rationalization.

The reasons are obvious:

Better Resource Utilization : It helps the companies focus on the area of their core competence. Thus the resources are utilized more efficiently without being diverted into other support activities.

Cost Saving : This means there is a sizeable saving in terms of cost. Companies are clearly finding that many more jobs can be done by others, better, more efficiently and even at a lower cost. Dell, Cisco and Nortel are familiar role models of how to use outsourcing to generate huge cost savings and also serve customers better.

Organizational efficiency : Facilitates and supports major organization change. Business Innovation: Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor.

New market : Direct profit is generated through joint ventures and vendor partners. And, there is no doubt that more and more corporate majors are taking recourse to outsourcing as a means to bring in efficiency and economy in terms of size and operation.

Compensation Benchmarking Services

Compensation is a key issue for both employers and employees at the bargaining table. Negotiations can proceed more smoothly when both parties have equal access to accurate and comprehensive compensation information provided by a neutral and authoritative third party.

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When parties begin negotiations by agreeing to use the PSLRB’s compensation survey data as a reference point, they can focus their time and effort more efficiently on negotiating other matters.

In lieu of the magnitude of the businesses, the remunerations and perquisites should be properly managed, researched and expended, if required. We make it strong case in point to highlighting client/ employer/ employee satisfaction by displaying compensations, which are in line with requirements and capacities. One key instrument in a practitioner’s strategy to attract and retain key employees is the compensation survey.

A properly designed survey can provide an important benchmark of competitive pay rates, pay ranges, and commission and incentive plans, providing both the business owner and the staff with a sense of how effectively a firm’s compensation program stacks up against other firms.

Successful firms develop and consistently monitor compensation plans for staff members, using compensation surveys as a tool. They then use the survey as the best indicator of competitive compensation practices.

  • Client Sponsored Compensation Survey
  • Compensation structuring/ Restructuring
  • Functional Benchmarking of Salary
  • Position Benchmarking of Salary
  • Compensation Related Aspiration Survey
  • Appraisal Management and Review
  • KRA Fixations and Review
  • Increment Trends

Exit Interviews

People Pro offers Exit Interview Services, which enable organizations to more accurately and confidentially measure why its employees are leaving. It helps businesses manage the cost and complexity of accurately collecting and reporting on valuable feedback and insights from employees who are leaving.

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Losing valued employees can happen to any business; not knowing why increases the likelihood it may happen again. In the war for talented people, retention can be as big a challenge as recruitment. Adopting a systematic approach to exit interviews can provide valuable insights that can help retain valued employees.

Multiple channels – interviews can be conducted online, via telephone or face to face – provide flexibility to employees and organizations and can be targeted to suit different job roles. People Pro’s Exit Interview service includes data collection, analysis and reporting. A consistent structured approach provides increased certainty that problem areas and underlying trends will be identified, thereby helping refine recruitment and retention strategies.