About Resume Service

We are leading search firm and our resume writing service help Job seekers to get noticed by a Recruiters across the industry, we offer services like Resume Writing & Resume circulations that helps the job seekers in accelerating their job hunt.

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Why Professional Resume Writing is essential?

It’s a Fact that job search is one of the toughest challenges of the life especially when you are starting your career, you might be a right fit for the job but if your resume doesn’t stand out from the rest, you’ll never land that interview. And then that job of your dreams is just … a dream.

Professionally improve your chances of success and start getting noticed! Anything less than the very best is just not going to cut it. Recruiters often spend far less than a minute looking through your resume so if your resume writing is unable to communicate the information that they are looking for quickly and efficiently then they are going to be placing your resume in the “no thanks” stack instead of inviting you for an interview. This is why you need our professional resume writing services to help you get your resume written perfectly in a manner that will make the information that the recruiter wants to see stand out.

Our professional resume writers know exactly how to format your resume in a way that is going to promote the information that the recruiter is specifically looking for and will get you noticed within that quick look over that the recruiter will perform.

How People Pro’s Resume Writing Service Works

We write research driven, analytically optimized Resumes, CVs, Online Professional Profiles including LinkedIn, Executive Briefs, and Application Letters to help you win that Interview Call with ease. We partner with you and support you till you secure your dream job.


Upload your Resume/Details

Upload your old resume(s) or other documents to our secure & private servers.


We Analyze your Requirements

Our industry specialist writer calls you and discusses your requirements in detail.


The First Draft of your Resume Delivered

We analyze the resume w.r.t. the present jobs in the market for your specific vertical and prepare the first cut.


Final Delivery after Multiple Iterations

Get the final resume approved after all your revisions have been incorporated. We give unlimited revisions!


CV Storage for easy access 24x7x365

We store your final CV at a customised and easy to remember URL for access anytime and on any device!

Our Resume Writing Services

1) Resume / CV Development

We believe that resume writing is not just an art, but also a science. It requires a lot of information and a lot of processing. What follows is a document presented in a manner that presents the uniqueness of the person behind it. We help you produce a customized resume that meets your specific job requirements and ensures that you secure interviews with ease.

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Why choose our resume writing service?

We provide top quality and on-time delivery of documents doctored to suit your job requirements. Our clients range from fresh Engineering & MBA graduates to over 30 years’ experienced CEOs – all 100% satisfied! When we write your Resume, it gets transformed from a dry collection of statements to a brand new document which speaks to future employers.

Get started, Now!

Once you submit your request listing your experience and uploading your old resume, we will assign a professional resume writer to contact you within 24 hours. The writer will discuss your employment history, your specific achievements, and your career objectives before you receive the first draft of your resume within the stipulated time. You can then partner with your writer for as many iterations as you wish, until you are satisfied.

What you will get from us

  • A brand new or revamped Resume with an impactful introduction and in a format absolutely suited to your experience level, that will catch the eyes of employers and hiring managers.
  • A Resume that is 100% complete with not one important detail missing! We’ll help you add all of the missing elements.
  • A Resume that is optimized for keywords. So, if you upload it to job portals rest assured your profile will be among the top ones.
  • A Resume with easily addable sections, so that you can add any new experience or certification easily.
  • 45-60 day updation guarantee, absolutely free of cost
  • A 100% money back guarantee, for upto 7 days of placing your order!

2) Cover Letter Writing

Candidates today do not realize the weight of business etiquettes. They might see the option to upload a cover letter, but they don’t realize how important it is to do so. The idea of sending a thank you note after an interview (even if it did not go down well!) seems like an alien concept. Most people only exclaim, ‘But, why?’. The answer is that such business etiquette is an everyday practice of your potential employer

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A cover letter is your brief introduction to the hiring authority. It allows you to demonstrate your personality, your strengths and achievements and communicate your uniqueness to your employer. It makes your employer look at your resume.

Do you need one?

There are hiring managers who won’t see a resume unless it is introduced with a cover letter. Others, do not care. In any case, a cover letter can never hurt you, though in some cases, it can make all the difference to your interview call!

Then there are follow up letters, whose importance can be realized by going through this small story. It also happens that during an interview, the panel member notices a weakness in your technical ability on a certain aspect. A thank you letter then becomes your best chance to reiterate your interest in the position and recap how you are willing to work on that one weakness to suit your candidature for the position.

Cover letter guidelines:

  • For online postings, paste your cover letter before your resume in the form.
  • For e-mail submissions, paste your cover letter into the body of the e-mail text.
  • For fax submissions, use your cover letter as the fax cover sheet.
  • For postal mail, use a paperclip to attach your cover letter to your resume.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Most MBA students or grad students applying to foreign universities write SOPs. Even some indian B-schools like FMS required SOPs until recently. A Statement of Purpose is your personal statement about who you are, what has influenced your career path so far, your professional interests and where you plan to go from here.

If you are not sure how to write one, we can help you draft a well-written SOP. We will partner with you to fill out any missing element in your application and work with you to create an SOP which creates a striking impact in the minds of the admission panel.

Because every SOP is different from the other, we offer customised assistance only after reviewing the applications. Contact Us for your SOP and Essay Requirements.

What you will get from us

  • A Cover Letter, optimized for keywords, which introduces you to the employer, highlights your strengths and important achievements and tells the employer why calling you for an interview is the best thing for the organization.
  • Follow Up/Thank You Letters which portray your business etiquettes to the employer and leave an impression inviting them to contact you.
  • Assistance with writing SOPs and applications for your admission. We will also share with you some samples and guide you with the right manner in which your SOP can be structured.

3) Telephonic Interview Drills

When was the last time you appeared for a job interview? Was the last interview you gave for a junior level profile and you are now looking to find a senior-level position? Or are you a fresh graduate and have never been interviewed for any job position at all? Is an onsite/career progression opportunity presenting itself which will require interviews with senior executives?

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Are you comfortable during the interview process or do you sweat? Do you wonder what “right” answer the hiring manager is expecting? Do you pause a lot while you search for the right thing to say? And do you simply have no clue what to answer when asked, “Tell me about yourself?”

If you have one such case, you are at the right place. Order our Interview Drills that will help you tackle all of the above mentioned concerns. After your request is submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time slot with one of our interview experts. Every piece of advice will bring you closer to landing your dream job! Every interview will be followed by

  • Overview of the experts’ opinion on you and some general advice or recommendations
  • Suggestions for your interview, how to approach and tips to improve

What are you waiting for?
Don’t miss the chance to be trained and fully equipped before you enter any interview room!

What you will get from us

  • Practice interview questions from your domain and areas of expertise with our Industry Experts and IIM veterans from various fields with a vast experience of taking interviews
  • Learn how to answer “tell me something about yourself” and other similar questions
  • Learn to explain your career progression
  • Identify weaknesses in your preparation and learn how to overcome them
  • Receive Tips to strategies your interview
  • Plan questions for you to ask the employer to help you win their interest

4) LinkedIn Profile Development

How much can you emphasize about the effect social networking is having on our everyday lives? Not enough. Social Networking has changed the way we interact, get in touch and even get recruited. Our blog has plenty of articles which talk about the impact of LinkedIn and how much it is shaping the way employers recruit today.

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  • LinkedIn boasts of more than 100 million users worldwide comprising of employers, professionals, students from all industries and services.
  • Thousands of big companies already have the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ plugin accessible on their websites, wherein you only need to submit your LinkedIn profile to apply for the job. No job portals required anymore!
  • LinkedIn is the number 1 site for business professionals looking to do more business, for employers looking to expand team sizes and industry professionals looking for new opportunities!

Ready to get started? We are here to help you.

After filling up the request form, you will only need to send us your email/login id and a temporary password and a copy of your resume. The rest of the details will be taken over a phone call by your profile developer.

We do not touch anything on your LinkedIn page except your profile and we NEVER share any of your information with anybody.

Many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to help them decide who makes the cut for initial or second interviews. And, if you’re not actively looking for a new job but are open to opportunities at other companies, a current LinkedIn profile helps headhunters and potential employers target and find you. A resume will get your foot in the door, but a LinkedIn profile helps you close the deal.

What you will get from us

  • A brand new or revamped LinkedIn profile that attracts attention with an impactful headline and engage employers and hiring managers. (Your LinkedIn profile is stored at a permanent link, which you can forward to recruiters)
  • A LinkedIn profile that is 85% to 100% complete guaranteed! We’ll help you add all of the missing elements. How complete we get your profile depends on the number of recommendations you can get.
  • A LinkedIn profile that can be found in LinkedIn (and Google) search as your LinkedIn profile will be optimized for keywords .
  • 12 to 20 different groups that you should join so you can engage in discussions, make new contacts and find new opportunities in employment and service.

5) Placement Support Services

When you opt, your latest resume is circulated to a selected group of recruiters, headhunters and executive search firms. Our database has over 6,000+ recruiters, search firms and headhunters and your distribution can be targeted based on location, salary requirements, industry, and position. It can be as specific and targeted as you want it to be. Our database is comprised of retained and contingency recruiters and search firms which includes top notch consultancies of all over across the globe.

Resume Writing Process

Here is how our service works

  • Decide and select which package or plan suits your needs. If confused, contact us and we will help you out.
  • Go through our form and fill up all the details.
  • Upload your stuff (old resumes, SOPs, references, etc.)
  • Fill in the payment details in the very secure People Pro form.
  • Get a confirmation e-mail from us and a notification that your personal writer has been assigned.
  • Receive a call from your resume writer to discuss the details of your package or service and specifics about you and your career objectives.
  • Receive and review the first draft of your resume with your writer via e-mail or phone and address any questions or concerns you may have. Provide your writer with a feedback for a second draft.
  • Partner with your writer until you are satisfied and approve your final draft.
  • Once you’re done, enjoy with discount coupons for future orders and See Your Opportunities Grow!

Prices & Packages

National Resume Plans

Fresher Resume


(Exp 0-1 Years) Showcase your:- Education, Academic Achievements, Projects/Internships.

Entry Level Resume


(Exp 1-3 Years) Set yourself apart from the crowd with a resume that defines your:- Education, Professional skills & strengths.

Mid Level Resume


(Exp 3-8 Years)Target your resume for specific jobs. Demonstrate your:- Managerial Skills.

Senior LevelResume


(Exp 8-14 Years) Get your resume tailored to your unique job needs. Highlight your:- Leadership qualities.

Executive Level Resume


(Exp 14+ Years) Showcase your:- Education, Academic Achievements, Projects/Internships.

Cover Letter


A cover letter is a professional way to introduce yourself to prospective recruiters and convey them what makes you fit for their organization.

Resume circulation-India


Circulate your Resume to Top 600+ Recruitment Consultancies in India. It will take 3-4 working days time

Resume Circulation Abroad


Circulate your Resume to Top 400+ Recruitment Consultancies in Gulf, Sinagpore, Malaysia. It will take 3-4 working days time

International Resume Plans

Fresher Resume


(Exp 0-1 Years) Showcase your:- Education, Academic Achievements, Projects/Internships.

Entry Level Resume


(Exp 1-3 Years) Set yourself apart from the crowd with a resume that defines your:- Education, Professional skills & strengths.

Mid Level Resume


(Exp 3-8 Years)Target your resume for specific jobs. Demonstrate your:- Managerial Skills.

Senior Level Resume


(Exp 8-14 Years) Get your resume tailored to your unique job needs. Highlight your:- Leadership qualities.

Executive Level Resume


(Exp 14+ Years) Showcase your:- Education, Academic Achievements, Projects/Internships.